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School Business Professional Level 4


School Business Professionals (SBPs) perform a role which is unique to schools, administering and managing the financial, site and support services within the school context. They provide essential support to school leadership teams, implementing their financial and business decisions.

There is a range of job titles that this occupational profile relates to including a School Business Manager, HR Manager, Finance Manager, Office Manager, School Administrator, Business Support Officer, Bursar, etc.

Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours



  • Finance - Understands the range of educational funding streams available which are applicable to their educational setting. 
  • Procurement - Knowledge of school procurement regulations and requirements and how to achieve value for money, including collaborative procurement.
  • Human Resources - Understands the complexities of teaching and support staff contracts, terms & conditions of employment and payroll. 
  • Managing Support Services - Knows the impact of educational policies at an operational level in order to support the school development plan. 
  • Governance and Risk - Has practical knowledge of the supporting documentation governors need. 
  • Marketing - Understands how marketing can be used to underpin school funding. 
  • Infrastructure - Awareness of the optimum deployment of resources targeted to raise pupil attainment. 
  • Ethical Standards - Understands and demonstrates the highest standards of personal and professional conduct, and applies statutory regulations and provisions.


  • Financial and Operational Management - Manages strategies set by senior personnel and drafts budgets that reflect them. 
  • Project Management - Plans, organises and manages processes to ensure value for money for the school whilst supporting education delivery.
  • Change Management - Embraces change in a school and influence others in a positive manner.
  • Communication and Relationship Building - Communicates appropriately and effectively with a range of stakeholders including students, parents, governors/trustees, staff, government and local government departments
  • Strategic Management - Manages support services across an entire school whilst also providing guidance to colleagues on the most appropriate use of school funding. 


  • Change Catalyst - Keeps up to date with educational policies and embraces change. Self- motivated and supportive of others in working through change.
  • Decision Maker - Demonstrates a confident approach to decision-making and prioritisation, thus gaining the confidence of others.
  • Skilled Negotiator - Open, approachable and is able to build trust with others. Consults and seeks the views of others and values diversity.
  • Collaborative - Behaves in a collaborative way with other internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Resilient - Has the ability to adapt to different, changing and challenging situations whilst promoting the highest professional standards.
  • Challenger - Is willing to ask difficult questions whilst demonstrating an ethical, fair and consistent approach. 


ILM Level 4 Diploma in School Business Management

Apprentices without English and Maths at Level 2 must achieve these prior to taking the End Point Assessment.


  • Simulated task. The apprentice will be given a scenario situation, and, in timed  controlled conditions, asked to write a short report and make a presentation which will  be followed by questions.  
  • Project report & presentation with questions and answers (Q&A). The apprentice  will write a formal, detailed structured report on the on-programme workplace project  they have completed. Both the project and the project report must be verified as the  apprentice’s own work. The project report and presentation must be started and  completed post-gateway. Verification must be provided by the employer confirming that  the work produced is that of the apprentice.  The presentation of this will be followed by  questions. 


Typically 18 months

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